Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Almost Here !

There's just one more week .... and then .... well,
once we finish up our formal lessons for the year,
what exactly are we going to do this summer
with all of the warm sunshine-y days ?
Cherub 2 and Cherub 3 have big baking plans.
They want to expand their reprtoirre -
Artisan breads and pastries.
(I will continue to pledge my love and support
by being their official taste-tester.  It's a tough
job but someone HAS to do it.  ha !)

Cherub 1, Cherub 2, Cherub 3,
DadToCherubs, and I will be attending TWRA's
Boater Safety Course.  (finished)
Dumma moved her jetskis to a new lake,
and we're planning to pitter around
on them with her.
We also hope to get back to Lake Oconee
this summer, and do some boating and
swimming there too.

Cherub 6's Tiger Scouts has finished for the year.
But our older boys and their Boy Scout troop
are just getting started.
There are big plans -- a Spring Camporee,
a few hikes, summer camp, campouts,
and of course advancement and
merit badge requirements.
They are really loving Scouts.

Cousin I is coming in early June, and is
staying with us until July 4th,
while his parents move from PA to FL.
So, while they're loading and unloading
boxes and furniture, "I" will be soaking
up the sunshine and enjoying his summer vacation.
It's gonna be tough, but I think he'll survive.
We're still not sure if the M family
will be making
their annual pilgrimage to our
neck of the woods this year.
We shall see.

Cherub 1 is 16yo now, and he feels
it's time to take an "official" Drivers Ed
course.  Where did the time go ??

We started our seeds in early January.
And now we are in the process of
planting everything --
tomatoes, onions, herbs, cucumbers,
squashes, melons, lettuce, spinach, peppers --
and flowers too, of course.
We'll take care of the garden, and will
hopefully be busy canning and freezing
our fresh produce later this summer.

DadToCherubs is the resident GrillMaster.
But there's a newcomer -- Cherub 1
wants to learn.
(I, on the other hand, want to learn,
but somehow manage to burn everything
I put on the grill.  Yikes !)

We are hoping to do some Hiking
as a family this summer.
Nothing strenuous -- a few miles at the most.
Maybe take a picnic lunch along, and
enjoy this beautiful place we call home.

Cherub 2 and Cherub 5 will continue taking
Horseback Riding Lessons.
And our family will continue with our
Horsemanship Lessons with our trainer.
** stay tuned for some maybe-additions
soon to our barn family **

Everyone is committed to reading
2 good books per week this summer.
So, we will be spending plenty of time
at the library, and in our favorite
outdoor reading spots.
Our 3 older Cherubs also plan to
volunteer with the Summer Reading Program
at the library as well.

Our family has decided to complete the
together this summer.
We started it some time ago, but
it fell by the wayside.
So this time, because we'll have plenty
of time to really enjoy it and DIG IN,
we'll finish it.

What's summertime without swimming ?
The river, the falls, the lake
and an occasional pool.

We said this last summer, and then
never followed through .... so THIS
summer is the one .... the summer
when the Cherubs learn to play Tennis.
They really want to learn to play,
but again, somehow it always falls
by the wayside.
Not this time, we hope.

Cherub 1 has planned to volunteer with
the Forest Service, TWRA, and other
"environmental science" resources ....
to learn more, to explore the possiblities,
and to potentially share his love of
God's Creation with others.

We have been trying lately to get
ourselves on a nightly walking program --
taking the pups, donning our sneakers,
and getting some exercise all together.
But it rained and rained ... and then we got sick.
So, it made the Summer List .... and
we'll try again.

Do you have any plans
for Summer Vacation ?
We'd love to hear about them.


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Thanks for submitting this to the Carnival...sorry I missed it but it is there now!

I haven't even started really thinking about summer yet except for maybe our garden plans.

Things are so different around here now that the boys are older.


Katie said...

We are all looking forward to a trip to the Creation Museum this summer. I would love to learn about cake decorating. The girls and I would enjoy that. That is a great idea to write down all the plans. I need to think about it more. Missy