Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

311.  Dogwood blossoms.
312.  The scent of a lilac blooming.
313.  Warm days, cool nights – and open windows.
314.  Oatmeal with honey – yummy.
315.  A 16yo teddy bear – and a boy who still loves him.
316.  Children with dirt under their nails --- and a love of gardening in their hearts.
317.  Squeals of delight from those on the tire swing.
318.  Dove soap – clean faces and hands.
319.  Watching him wisely choose incredible opportunity over a mundane job.
320.  First trip to the river this year – clear, beautiful and chilly.
321.  Handy pocketknives for making hotdog sticks.
322.  Iris buds.
323.  A Redtailed Hawk’s visit – and a courageous rooster (no victims).
324.  Wholesome activities for Cherubs.
325.  Line dried sheets.
326.  Mayfield’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough icecream.  Yummy.
327.  Our Saucer Magnolia in bloom – how lovely.
328.  Two more weeks of “formal” school – and learning that never ends.
329.  Library cards.
330.  Good soil – healthy plants – and garden season.
331.  Lavender-scented handsoap.
332.  New flip-flops, and tanned toes.
333.  Ice cream dates.
334.  Sprinkles of rain …
335.  Looking over the freshly planted garden (well, half-planted at least).
336.  Glimmering horses, running together, manes blowing.

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Missy said...

So much to be thankful for, It's great to even list the smaller things, Missy