Monday, April 12, 2010

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

289.  A lilac in full bloom – my favorite flower, and a surprise gift from above.
290.  Truckload of mulch.
291.  Antique mower repaired and ready for mowing again.
292.  Dogwood blooms in the woods.
293.  Cut off jeans on warm spring days.
294.  “Chicken legs” – white from winter.
295.  Bare feet on sun-warmed grass.
296.  Jetskis moved to Tennessee without incident.

297.  A warm spring day at the lake.
298.  First swim of the season – burrrrrrrr – the water was chilly.
299.  Rocks from the field – our future walkway toward the barn.
300.  Bowed heads, folded hands – the prayers of Cherubs.
301.  Crockpots to use on “work days” --- a finished meal after garden labors.
302.  Roast beef, potatoes, carrots, celery, onions – yummy.
303.  Another successful Scout camp out – an a great scoutmaster to lead them.
304.  Chalk cities etched on the driveway.
305.  The whirl of bicycles being pedaled by Cherubs.
306.  Pastures – growing more green and lush every day.

307.  Successful 4H Horse Judging Competition for Cherub 1 and Cherub 2.
308.  Protection during Maiden Voyage of jetskis this year.
309.  Farm fresh eggs for breakfast, atop warm buttery bagels.
310.  Summer plans beginning to take shape – what fun we’ll have !!

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