Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

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261.  Delivery of started seedlings to friends.
262.  Hens clucking;  fresh eggs gathered.
263.  Winding down our school year – 4 weeks to go.
264.  His Holy Word – new every morning.
265.  Cool days, fewer and farther between – spring’s on it’s way.
266.  Watching the girls ride; gentle lessons “by feel”.
267.  Lightbulb moments at home – school days – learning.
268.  Windows open, sunshine and breezes indoors.
269.  First cutting of the year – fresh mowed grass.  Ahhh, the scent !
270.  Cleaning up the last of the fall leaves – a job well done.
271.  Mothers and fathers, Blue Birds, selecting nest sites – in our boxes !
272.  Chirping Robins in the trees.
273.  Birdfeeder posts installed – another project completed.
274.  First load of mulch spread – and more to come.  Looks lovely.
275.  Daylillies growing – bright green, getting bigger each day.
276.  Azalea buds – pending pink explosion.
277.  A 10-day forecast for 70+ degree days.
278.  Tour of J103 – our favorite Christian radio station, Shining The Light.
279.  Visit to the fire house – beautiful shiny trucks and friendly firemen.
280.  Watching our girls at riding lessons – such smiles !!
281.  Moving wood beams to the garden – prepping for raised beds.
282.  Blooming oaks and maples.  Hints of green to come.
283.  The wind-made “snow” storm (flower petals from the trees).
284.  Truckloads of mulch – and willing arms to spread it.
285.  Swollen dogwood buds --- how much longer, Mom ?
286.  First 2010 trip to the river – grown ups, children, and pups – for icecream !
287.  Walking with pups, goat, and family on the walking trail.
288.  SURPRISE party for Cherub 1.  And dear friends in attendance.

289.  What greater gift that the gift of Our Savior ... His Death ... His Resurrection. 

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