Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Effects of Guilt

DadToCherubs and I went to do our Christmas shopping Saturday evening. And one of the stops along the way was Petco for SantaMutt / SantaKitty / SantaHam / SantaSwimmers gifts (pet gifts).

Well, while waiting in line I said OH LOOK AT THE ADORABLE BUNNY .... and so the cashier proceeded to tell me that this bunny's original family was unable to keep him because of a move, and that he had been in the store awaiting adoption for several days which made him very nervous nad upset because of the noise and such. Even the manager got in on the act, telling us this very sad story ...

And so feeling guilty that this poor poor creature had no home and no family .... and we all KNOW how GUILT takes hold of your better-sense ....

We want to give a WARM WELCOME to Cocco the Bunny .... welcome to Beck's Bounty.

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