Friday, December 08, 2006

Operation Bare Your Bookshelf

Operation Bare Your Bookshelf: You Can Provide Amazing Christmas Gifts to Christians in Developing Countries from Your Own Library

Christian Newswire

Americans can give a Christmas gift this year of Bibles or Christian books to pastors and Christian workers in developing countries by participating in “Operation Bare Your Bookshelf” sponsored by Christian Resources International, a 50-year old ministry aimed at providing Bibles and Christian literature to people from around the world.

“Research indicates that the average American Christian owns nine Bibles and is actively in the market for more,” says CRI Executive Director Fred Palmerton, whose organization receives more than 250 letters a month from pastors and Christian workers in developing countries whose churches own no Bibles or Christian books. “Every day, more than 122,000 people become Christian, and most of those people are in Africa, Asia, and South America. They’re attending churches where even the pastors have no Bibles. It would be an amazing Christmas gift to send a Bible or other Christian books to these precious brothers and sisters in the Lord.”

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