Friday, December 22, 2006

I'm Running Out Of Time

I am still sewing .... still working on Christmas gifts .... and tomorrow is the day before Christmas Eve. (photo above of tonight's "to do projects")

Between "normal chaos", episodes of "abnormal chaos", fighting illnesses & colds, and our Moderate Crisis ... plus I have procrastinated FAR too long this year ... I am up late tonight working on gifts, and still have 5 more to make.

One project was a scarf made of a very soft, almost flannel-feeling, wool blend fabric in a cheerful red and black plaid. I made 10 of these. The fabric was easy to work with other than some minor pressing issues. And they turned out lovely.

The other project is a black velvet scarf, trimmed in black fringe, lined with black satin, and embossed with a snowflake design on each end. The scarf is BEAUTIFUL when finished. But OH MY - I had no idea velvet and satin were sooooo difficult to work with. I completed 1 scarf tonight in about 1 hour. And I have 6 more to make. At this rate, I will be finished for New Year's. HA !! (close-up of embossed design above)

I guess my "Plan of the Day" tomorrow will require a lot of sewing !!

The good news is ... my shopping is finished ... my "big" meal is planned and ingredients bought ... so all I have left after completing these gifts is to wrap gifts and get ready to cook. And clean for company, although the "troops" will surely help with that tomorrow.

My Christmas Wish .... to wake up Wednesday, have a quick breakfast, and then head back to bed for the whole day .... (one can dream, right ??).

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