Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Recovering From Christmas

What a whirlwind the month of December was this year !! Shew !! I was not sure I would survive it all, and that was before the crisis (flood). I never did get those last 6 presents made. Instead I broke down and bought gifts .... maybe I will keep working on those projects and give them next year ?? I just needed to be "finished" so I could enjoy Christmas Day with my family. That is what IT is all about, right ?? Peace, family, goodwill to men ?? Well, I was not feeling very peaceful or spreading much goodwill while racing around trying to get it all finished in time. This year was my "Tis Season To Be Stressed" .... and then some.

Our agenda the last few days:
* We went out Christmas Eve to the O Tribe's home.
* Christmas Day we had company come from Nashville for our big holiday dinner, and they stayed overnight.
* Then the day after Christmas my parents came to visit from Atlanta.

And today was Wednesday, December 27th. What to do, what to do ?!?!?

After an EXTREMEMLY busy month of cooking, baking, shopping, wrapping, sewing and crafting plus normal "life" in our house ... I am absolutely exhausted and ready for life to return to normal. So this morning I got up and had some coffee - always a good start to the day. Then I was going to sweep up the pine needles that had fallen on the floor for the 99th time (seems like it anyway) this week .... when the idea hit me. "We have nothing planned for today, so let's UN-decorate." And I did. The tree is down, knick-knacks are put away, ornaments packed away. Oh, and the pine needles are swept up. I left some snowmen out for "seasonal" decor, but otherwise the decorations are put away for next year.

I know, I know .... you are supposed to wait until January 1 which is New Year's Day to put it all away. My mother-in-law would probably choke me for doing it so early. But New Year's Day is on a Monday this year, and we had planned to start "Back To School" next Monday (without realizing until just a few days ago that it is New Years Day that day.) No major deadlines looming - YEAH !! Plus the clutter was getting to be frustrating .... so we will have a fresh start to the New Year. Hummmm ... maybe this is a theme ... maybe some New Year's Resolutions are coming along this line ???

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