Thursday, December 07, 2006

FourSquare Anyone ?

Every year I make a gift for our children for Christmas. And this year I decided it might be fun to travel back in time.

This year for Christmas we are traveling back to a timeperiod when ALL children played outside A LOT (as ours do) . A time when children played games like FourSquare, Hopscotch, Jump-rope Games, Marbles, and Jacks. This was a time when batteries or electricity were not required for fun. A time when childhood included generous helpings of fresh air, a few playmates (maybe) , imagination, and perhaps a ball or some other "simple" toy.
TA DA !! Fun fun fun !!

So - this photo is of Installment #1 of the gift I am making for the children .... their FourSquare grid. I plan to make a circle for Marbles & Jacks, and a Hopscotch too. And we are actively hunting for good quality jump-ropes.

It was made by measuring and drawing lines with chalk. Then I marked the lines with duct tape, pressing firmly along the edges (yes - the silver stuff). Then I used line paint (for parking lots or game fields) to paint between the tape lines. After removal of the tape (paint still tacky - not dry !) ... VOILA !! Total time to make this project was approximately 1 hour, plus planning time.

And what gift from Mom is complete without some "hidden" learning " .... we used Roman Numerals instead of regular numbers to mark the squares.

Now, while I was working on this, it started to flurry ... ACTUAL SNOW FLURRIES. So with the temps so low, the paint will take longer to dry.

Which means I will have to teach the children how to play FourSquare tomorrow ....

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