Saturday, March 28, 2009

When Sunny Days Are So Few ...

... the Cherubs are pressed to find things to do.

But, they have managed to keep busy ... so far ... Playing games and writing stories on the computer.
Oh, and playing the Wii, which is allowed for short periods of time.
Cloud-watching, storm watching, and occassionally spying rainbows like this one.

Watching the crazy cats outside .... this is Racer trying to be a "slick & crafty" hunter during a short sunny period one afternoon.

Assembling puzzles, big and small.

Sewing and crafting. Cherub 2 made these felt "friends". And we are nearly all out of paper, glue, and glitter .... but our refrigerator looks lovely, covered with Masterpieces !

Playing Baker or Baker Assistant ... baking bread, banana bread, cookies, cakes, and brownies.
(I hope the rain clears soon because with all of the yummy treats, we need some excercise !)

Watching the flocks of Starlings on the ground below the bird feeders, cleaning up. They do not seem to care if it is raining or not.

Checking on our seeds, planted indoors.

The Cherubs made some really cute signs for labeling the garden out of scrap pieces of wood.

We have all enjoyed watching the antics of the Carolina Chickadees and the Tufted Titmouses - they are so funny !
What does your family do when it rains and rains ... for days and days ??
Hurry ! We are running out of ideas, but apparently the clouds are no where near out of raindrops to send our way. (HA !)

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Jennifer Sikora said...

WoW! I love your post! What is that light thingie hanging over your seeds? We are gardening for our first time this year to help us study nature (this is our first year doing the CM method) I am ALWAYS looking for some great advice on doing nature study!