Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An Anniversary

Two years ago today we had a housefire, resulting in the loss of everything we owned. No one was hurt, Praise God. But everything was gone.

There are some moments when it seems as if the fire happened only yesterday, and at other moments it seems as if it was a lifetime ago. We can finally enjoy a bonfire, but if we smell smoke in the air we panic. Our hearts also still skip a few beats when we hear sirens coming in our general direction.

We are safe, happy, and well these days. We have since realized that fire can indeed be a blessing from God, and that "things" are only "things". The fire also confirmed for us that true friends, while not necessarily many, are God's BIG blessings in more ways that we ever imagined.

The new "house" has finally become a "home" to us after many monthes of feeling as if we were living in a hotel because nothing was familiar. All of the Cherubs sleep soundly at night after many monthes of nightmares and getting up frequently to "check" on things. I even let people plug in electrical items without freaking out now.

Honestly, it was only by God's Grace and His loving arms holding us that we managed to "rise from the ashes". And we are ever thankful !

Thank you again to all of those who showered us with love and those who helped us replace the things that we needed in order to begin our household again.

Here is the original post about the Beck's Bounty Housefire .

And here is a post saying Thank You to all of those who helped us during those difficult times.

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