Monday, March 02, 2009

Living Science Books

We are loving the "Wonder Island Boys " books, which are adventure stories chock full of "science" yet are technically "literature".

There is nothing dull about science with these books, and they are also a nice change of pace from our usual science studies. (They are approximately 7th grade reading level.)

WONDER ISLAND BOYS (scroll to the bottom)

Or they are also available from Gutenburg Press under the author's name (Roger Thompson Finlay) .


The Ties that Bind Us said...

Do you read them online or do you print them from Project Gutenburg?

Beck's Bounty said...

We prefer to have "hard copies" so we do not do any reading (books) online. Our 3 older children and I usually take turns reading the "read alouds" to everyone, so a hard copy is easier to pass to the next reader. Also, I have read that large volumes of "screen reading" is tough on the eyes.

I download the book, copy/cut/ paste into a Word type document, changes fonts / margins and then print in the 2 column style to save a bit of paper. Then we 3hole punch the pages and put them in those prong-style folders, or in a small looseleaf notebook if it is too big for a folder. I have heard that people actually "bind" their printed books in various ways, but I have never tried that.

I suppose it would be easy enough if you wanted to save the book as a document and then read it from the screen though. And would require zero paper / ink too.

Hope you enjoy the books !

The Ties that Bind Us said...

Great ideas! I definately didnt want to read these lff the computer but I needed some help making them readable. Thanks.