Friday, February 27, 2009

Signing Off

... until Monday ...

OFFLINE DAYS: We are making a lot of “little” changes to our Daily Routines … seeking the Old Paths as the Bible instructs ... to be more productive … to grasp a bit of "quiet" ... to be a bit more “green” … to spend a bit more precious family time …. and to spend a bit more time enjoying God’s Creation. We pledge that each weekend (which means from sundown on Friday through sunrise Monday), the Cherubs and I will be offline. We won't go near a computer. We will not turn the power switch "on". No blogging, no reading, no games, no researching, no emailing. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

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Anonymous said...

Hi to all of the Beck's Bounty family. I had to write and thank you for reviving our homeschool. After Christmas, I (Mom)was struggling to get back into the routine and was having serious misgivings about my ability to survive our (second) first year of schooling at home. The first time around was 5.5 years ago when my now 6th grader was in first grade and his 4th grade brother was a preschooler. Also had two teens, one just graduated from public school and the other a senior in our local high school at the first go-around. Let's just say that homeschooling was not the first choice by extended family and proved to be too overwhelming at that point in our lives. So anyway, here we are 5 years later, starting over and Mom is burned out just after Christmas. I knew from my reading that I loved Charlotte Mason's methods but was having trouble putting it all together and was uncertain of my effectiveness. Then through a "Charlotte Mason" search, I found your beautiful, informative blogspot and slowly started to tweak our school. Now here we are two months later having so much fun and lookinf forward to many more years of schooling at home. Thanks so much for sharing your resource suggestions, your lives and your family adventures with us. You are most inspiring and have truly blessed our lives and school. Thank you and God bless you in this wonderful walk.