Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reading Progress

Cherub 5 has been working diligently, reading with Cherub 1 at least once every single day. They work together for a minimum of 30 minutes per day, usually split into two sessions (morning and evening). These sessions are in addition to her school work -- they are "leisure" reading.
Cherub 5 has been making steady progress for some weeks ... and finally, just this weekend, began to read her very first "chapter" book (she is reading it aloud to Cherub 1 just in case she needs help) .
This first chapter book is (this edition is copyright 1941 ) THE ADVENTURES OF REDDY FOX by Thornton Burgess (number 14 in the series). REDDY FOX happens to have been Cherub 1's first experience with Chapter books. He gradually read the entire series, and loved each of the books ... and still loves them even today. So, he selected this series, and this particular title, just for Cherub 5 in hopes that she will love these books as much as he did (and in turn, will grow to love books and reading !). What a smart young man, and what a wonderful "Dad" he will be someday !
So, the Headstrongs (HA !) are still making good progress .... great progress .... actually, it is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC progress. And I just wanted to share my joy ....

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