Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

An American Experience --
to watch the Super Bowl.
We began this tradition
last year.
(We are not usually tv-sports-watchers)
We made lots of yummy snacks --
mozzarella sticks, potato skins,
buffalo wings, Chex Mix, veggies
with ranch dip, chicken strips with
dipping sauces, and seasone
potato wedges.A picnic in the family room just as the game began.

The Cherubs watching the game.
Because we are not Football fans,
we decided to root for the Cardinals simply
because they were the underdogs.
We watched the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet
during inappropriate commericals and
while all of the "chatterboxes"
were sharing their game commentaries.
The commercials were not
AS racy as in past years.
But, I would NEVER
use "go daddy". Their commericals
were just plain lewd - they should
be ashamed ! And I will commit to
not using companies that use
"go daddy". AWFUL !!
The game is almost over now ....
they are awaiting the
"call" on that last touchdown ...
which was just called "in bounds".
So, it appears, with just 20 seconds left,
and a few debasted calls, that this Super Bowl
winner is the Pittsburg Steelers.
(but it was soooo close there at the end.)
And now the Cherubs and I are off to bed ... late.
Tomorrow is a school day.

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Julia (or The Cowgirl) said...

YEAH!!! You guys went 4 Arizona!!! me 2! We missed the first half cuz we were at was a good game tho! To bad they lost : (