Sunday, February 01, 2009

Master Bedroom - FINISHED !

Oops ! They posted backwards again. Sorry.
I spent the weekend prepping, priming, and painting our Master bedroom. And DadToCherubs "took over" the meals and running of the household while I was working. Isn't he sweet ?!?!?
Our room looks so much better ! DadToCherubs and I just realized -- we have never "finished" our master bedroom, in 16 years together. We have always used whatever was left over, and our room has often become the dumping ground, nursery, and overflow storage.
So this lovely restful organized space is quite a treat for us.
(on this nearly 60 degree Sunday, we even got to open the windows.
See the curtains blowing ?!??!)

(actually taken while prepping - I almost forgot to take before photos.)

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Julia (or The Cowgirl) said...

Beautiful! and lots of room!
gr8 job