Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Bird Highway ?

One Robin from the flock who ventured near the house during snow flurries.
The Starlings descended on our front lawn on a snowy day.
More Starlings. It appeared that there were several flocks, coming in "swarms".
The sound of them all was sooooo loud !
(Above & Below)
This morning we had many many Redwing Blackbirds.
We were watching them in the yard, trying to identify them.
And finally, something spooked them, and it was when they took flight
that we could finally see the tell-tale red and yellow markings on their wings.
A few weeks ago, we had huge flocks of Robins stop by for a visit and some snacking from our freshly mowed yard. We watched them for several hours as they moved from yard to yard, and occassionally tree top to tree top.
Then two weeks ago, we had many many many flocks of Starlings come by (on a snowy day). They were amazing to watch, and were extremely LOUD !
And just this morning, our yard was covered with many many RedWing Blackbirds. We have been watching them from our schoolroom windows all morning.
The Cheurbs and I watch this flocks as they come by ... and now we are wondering if we are a "Rest Area" alongside a Bird Highway ?!?!


Renae said...

Wow! We have grackles descend upon us like that. My son tried to snap some photos, but they didn't capture the enormity of the flock.

You did a great job with your photos!

Lori said...