Monday, April 06, 2009

A Disgusting Disgrace !

I cannot believe this photo-ban was lifted ! These soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice for this great nation, and yet they are stripped of their dignity as their remains are returning, their final mission, to the United States for burial. And the families who have lost a loved one held dear ... a loved one who stood to defend this great nation ... deep in mourning .... should they even be asked for their permission for a photo-op ... must they witness their sons, daughters, husbands, and wives remains being put on public parade for all to see ? Must they endure this public spectacle, to appease the public "appetite" for visual reminders of what war is or to stretch the "freedom of the press" further toward "freedom from morality for the press" ?

I am outraged at this depravity !! What an absolute disgrace !!

Those who lifted the ban should be truly ashamed ... and the press should be ashamed. And the miltary -- how could the military have possibly let the lifting of this photograph ban happen ?? Brothers in Arms -- you are called to look out for one another in life and in death; you are called to honor one another in life and in death, because we are bound to one another in the effort of defending and serving The United States. These fallen soldiers deserve farrrrrrrrrr more than this ... from their Brothers In Arms ... from their fellow citizens ... from their country ... and from the almightly-powerful and ever-prying press. They deserve dignity and honor ... they deserve the utmost respect from everyone !!

I am a true Patriot ! I am an American, a Navy veteran, and wife of a former Navy and former National Guard soldier. And today, I am stunned that my nation ... which I served ... which my husband served ... and our fathers served before us ... and our grandfathers served before them ... that my nation of fellow citizens and veterans would stoop so low as to inflict this indecency on those brave men and women who have died to preserve the very freedoms America loves and so often takes for granted. That they would so willingly and callously ignore the dignity of these slain soldiers and cause further harm to those soldiers families ....

Has our nation no decency anymore,
no sence of propriety and decorum,
but to parade our fallen heros in such a manner
or to ask that they allow us to "photograph" their personal tragedies ?

To The Anonymous Commenter of 4/7:
I forgive you and I am praying for you. I am praying that your heart is soon turned toward God and filled with love and wisdom, rather than consumed with bitterness and uninformed opinions.
I am also praying that you never have to witness (as I have) the return of a flag-draped coffin carrying a friend, or even a family member.
And I am praying that you (who would likely be experiencing extreme emotional distress, having just learned that your loved one was killed in the line of duty) are never asked (you would certainly be asked - surely - probably - possibly - hopefully) for your permission (well, they were supposed to have "asked" for your permisson according to the "rules" that the Press always obey) be granted for someone (a total stranger whose intentions are unknown) to photograph your (dead) friend, brother, sister, father, mother, wife, or husband (perhaps even your own child) ... oh, and those photos can and will be used for whatever purposes they should choose, including the gift or sale of these same photos (of your dead loved one on his or her "Final Mission") to other entities whose intentions are also unknown. Oh yes, lifting that ban was a grand idea. (NOT !)
May God Grant You Peace,

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