Monday, April 06, 2009

What We've Been Up To Lately

The Dairyman has a horse now, and has been coming down with her saddled every few days for the children to ride. Isn't that sweet ??? Cherub 1 and Cherub 2 ride solo now, and cherub 3 is almost ready to ride solo. But so far, the other Cherubs ride with someone walking the horse ... just to be safe. I ride solo of course, and even DadToCherubs has gotten on the horse a few times ... riding solo, if you can believe it. WOW !! (DadToCherubs mentioned getting a horse or two for the children to ride .... just before asking the Dairyman if he would saddle his horse so that DadtoCherubs could take her for a spin before work. Yep -- a horse for "the children". Uh huh. Sureeeee.)
The Cherubs have been learning to ride ... and LOVE it. And so, DadToCherubs and I are toying with the idea of fencing off a portion of the land out front to house a horse or two ... and two cows for beef .... but are still looking into the "fence" part (financial). Does anyone have and advice or experience to offer to potential new horse owners ?? We like to research these things before we dive in .... so we would love to hear whatever someone has to offer.

This is the remains of a roundbale of wheat hay that the farm brought us -- we used some of the hay in our chicken pen to bind up the thicky soupy mud after having had a lot of rain. The rest of the bale ... well, let's just call it "the mountain" ... as in "King of The Mountain". They Cherubs had a grand time playing on it, esp since they are not allowed to play on the hay bales on the farm for safety reasons. This one was very secure ... so we let them play. Now the haybale remnants are gone -- to the cows. (The Diva in the foreground was enjoying a bit of sunshine with the Cherubs playing nearby).

Cherub 3 busied himself on several mornings this week testing various recipes for homemade Buttermilk Biscuits. He can make delicious biscuits now !

Now that we are eating lots of fresh eggs from our chickens, the Cherubs have learned to crack eggs correctly, without getting shells in the bowl.

Everyone has been making all sorts of designs with the Tanagram blocks (including Panda, who belongs to Cherub 5).

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*Julia* said...

Sweet! I love horses (as you know)...i wish we could get some...if only we had some land...that wasnt 17 ac. of WOODS! ha Then we could! :)
Have fun riding! Be safe :)