Sunday, April 05, 2009

He's Growing Up Too Fast

(above) Cherub 1 - 2006
(above) Cherub 1 & Cherub 4 - April 2007

(above) Cherub 1 - Fall 2007

(above) Cherub 1 - December 2008

(above) Cherub 1 - February 2009
Our first-born son is 15yo today.
It seems hard to believe ....
because only yesterday he was a toddler.
We suspect someone is sprinkling him
with Miracle Grow when we are not looking.
He is growing up ...
and is a wonderful young man
with a kind and thoughtful heart ...
and with his eyes set firmly
on God's will for his life.
There were some tough years ...
as he learned from his own mistakes
and worked through many trials.
And now he is seeking the path
that God had planned for him
since even before he was born.
His feet are firmly planted ....
and his eyes are fixed on Christ.
Today, with tears in our eyes, we are thankful ....
Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of a son ...
of THIS son ... Cherub 1.
He is a joy to know,
and has been an honor to raise.
He is your son, Lord.
May he bring honor and glory to Your Holy Name.

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*Julia* said...

The 5 was also my Great Grandmother's 101 birthday. I did a post for her too!