Friday, April 10, 2009

The Journey From Lent To Easter

Our Passover Meal
lamb, bitter herbs (dandelion & parsley),
vinegar dressing for our salad, unleavened bread,
spinach dip, and salted water to drink.
* * *
Our Lenten Garden
1 Bible (to be read aloud during the construction),
1 clay pot filled with "critter-less" garden dirt,
moss and plants collected by Cherubs,
carefully chosen rocks and stones,
a rough wooden cross assembled and
embedded with 3 nails and then
planted on a hill called (Little) Calvary,
a stone tomb painstakingly carved,
a heavy rock that "rolls" to close the tomb,
and one "body" for burial
wrapped in a white shroud.
All voices, loud and soft,
to tell the story of Christ's Love ...
which is the beginning of our own journey
from death to rebirth, rebirth to Eternal Life.
* * *
It is an awesome story,
and an amazing journey.
* * *
Creative Additions and Deletions:
Mary, in light blue, because a Cherub insisted.
No guard is represented because "they were mean"
and apparently would "ruin" our Lenten Garden
(or so another Cherub worried).
An Angel was created, and
will be posted on Sunday, asking ...
"Why do you seek the living amoung the dead ?"
And of course ... we'll need something wonderful to
symbolize the LIVING Christ, when only the shroud remains ...
but that will be a surprise .... a top-secret surprise.

Today, is Good Friday.
Today, the body of Christ
was buried in the tomb,
prepared and tenderly wrapped
in a white burial shroud.
* * *
During this symbolic moment,
more than a few REAL tears were shed.
Adults and children alike.
* * *
Overwhelmed ... and overcome by emotion.
How could they do it ?
How could they not believe ?
He begged God for THEIR forgiveness ?
He surrendered his human life ...
to His Father ... to Our Father ...
* * *
All .... for .... us ?!?!?!
* * *
We feel our own
unworthiness, yet we try ...
with His Mercy and His Grace ...
to be Righteous ... to be Holy ...
to be called sons and daughters of the Almighty.
This afternoon, the guards rolled a stone across the opening
(and promptly left the scene, because they were mean, you recall ?!?!).
And now ... we wait ... and we think ... and we pray ...
* * *
On Sunday, in three days time, we know by faith,
that the stone will be rolled back ...
the tomb will be open ...
only the white burial shroud remaining within.
An Angel will ask the question ....
and we will rejoice ...
because He laid down His life,
that we might be saved.
* * *
(Our project was inspired by and and . Please accept this simple THANK YOU from our family for inspiring this incredibly meaningful project, and for beginning a new tradition for our family. What a blessing !)

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