Monday, April 13, 2009

Exciting Nature Find

This magestic creature was spotted Monday afternoon by Cherub 1.
04/13/2009 around 2:00pm.
It was flying over the fields and treelines behind our house -- coasting on the strong winds.
The many photos (25 or more) we tried to snap turned out blurry. We cannot seem to get good "motion" and "zoom" photos when both elements are happening at the same time. So, we borrowed this photo from online.
Buteo jamaicensis

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Jennifer Sikora said...

That is so awesome! We noticed a large hawk last year flying around our house. He lives in the tree in the back yard. We noticed last week, that NOW we have 2 baby hawks and the momma hawk. We cannot seem to get a good photo of ours either, but it is so awesome to watch them flying around!