Sunday, May 02, 2010

Horse Drama

Beck's Bounty had big Horse Drama this weekend !!
And poor little Sunny, who will be 1yo in June, had an especially long weekend because she was at the center of it all.

On Friday, Sunny's mother, Estrella, left for her new home.
And also her 2 new "friends" arrived ....
because being alone for a horse is torture.
Her humans were by her side the whole time too, which seemed to comfort her greatly.
She only cried for Momma a handful of times .... and seems to have adjusted to life in her new "herd" very well.

So -- back to the weekend ....

Our 2 new horses arrived at 730am on Friday morning, just minutes after Estrella left for her new home.
A dear friend, A.B., helped us introduce everyone and to get everyone settled into their barn stalls for a rest .... horses, that is.  Then we took turns staying with them in the barn for much of Friday morning:  horsey-sitting.  Sunny has never spent much time in the barn, and so it was rather scary for her at times ... plus, she was looking for her mother.  Spending the morning in the barn went more smoothly than we expected overall.

After lunchtime on Friday, A.B. came back and helped us do more introductions, and then helped us turn all 3 horses into the field to get better acquainted.

Did you ever play Mother May I (game) as a child ???  Well, that is the best way we have found to describe the activities we watched in the field ... it was fascinating !!

After spending several hours in the pasture together, we led everyone back into the barn.
Dinner time, grooming time, picking out their feet .... who knew Cherubs would smile so much !!

Then, back out to the pasture they went overnight.

DadToCherubs cleaning Sunny's feet.

Sunny saying "I am just a baby and am not a threat to you" to Smokie.
She is such a polite little filly !!

Smokie is one of our new horses (above & below).
Our other new horse is Cinnamon.
She is also the "Lead Mare".
Smokie and Cinnamon have fit right in.  What a joy they are to have here at Beck's Bounty !!
Sunny is adjusting to herd life ... to her new friends ... and of course is soaking up the love and attention of her humans.  

Since this is a new adventure for Sunny, she has been a little timid at times.  So we have been taking turns barn-sitting with Sunny -- when she cries or gets anxious, we talk to her or pet her, and she settles down.  In the pasture she seems to do fine, so we do a lot less horsey-sitting when she is out.  It appears that Cinnamon and Smokie are going to be wonderful companions for Sunny -- she is anxious to be with them, feels very connected to them, and is very much modeling their behavior (which is excellent !).

And in the middle of the Horse Drama this weekend ....
.... watching the Cherub's faces light up with smiles has been absolutely spectacular.  Smokie, Cinnamon, and Sunny are shining from the tops of their ears to the tips of their tails -- groomed perfectly, and petted tenderly.  And their feet are spotless -- everyone is learning to keep their feet clean -- but more than that, each is loved more than they could possibly know.

Thank you J family for bringing Smokie and Cinnamon into our lives !!
Thank you A.B. for helping to get us through the weekend.

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