Monday, May 17, 2010

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

380.  Parched ground refreshed by weekend rains.
381.  New blossoms on squash plants.
382.  Clover blossoms in the “lawn”.
383.  Elbow-grease being the magic ingredient to reconditioning a saddle.
384.  A gorgeous hike – with our pups by our sides.
385.  Rose bushes in full bloom – bright pink, white, delicate “rose” in shades.
386.  Cardinals, BlueJays, Chickdees, Sparrows ... at our bird feeders.
387.  The whirl of bicycle wheels, pedaled by Cherubs.
388.  Watching the “herd” out in the pasture.
389.  Milkshakes with whipped cream – yummy !
390.  Rambunctious kittens and their crazy antics.
391.  Honeysuckle blooming along roadsides, the perfume filling the air.
392.  Blackberry blossoms – we can hardly wait for those delicious berries !
393.  Horsey-bathtime, suds and sun, and fresh clean horses.
394.  A caring home vet who he comes here to tend to our pets health needs.
395.  Two eyes, two ears, and nearly an equine smile when we are near.
396.  Progressing from catching up to caught up – laundry day.  Hooray !
397.  Going on a short hike with DadToCherubs, our Cherubs, and our Pups.
398.  A new-to-me reciprocating saw and circular saw.  Gifts from DadToCherubs.
399.  Blessing a friend with lumber for his projects.
400.  Fresh sweet-smelling barn stalls, lined with pine shavings.
401.  Radar images on stormy days; the ability to watch red cells approach.

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