Monday, May 10, 2010

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

360.  Gentle rain.
361.  Mother’s Day spent with tender hugs and kisses from Cherubs.
362.  Beef Stroganoff loving prepared by Cherub 2.
363.  Napping with the pups on a cool drizzly evening.
364.  Chainsaw working + DadToCherubs = old brushpile cleared away.
365.  Light end-of-the-year school days.
366.  Lovely rosebush in full bloom; ahhhh, the scent is wonderful !
367.  Hoofprints on Cherubs hearts.
369.  Three Boy Scouts handy with knots, and things needing to be securely tied.
370.  Blooming Honeysuckle – ahhh, the fragrance !!
371.  Dew-damp grass under my bare feet on these spring mornings.
372.  Anti-itch ointment for my poison ivy – hooray !!
373.  Blackberry brambles in full bloom.
374.  Itty bitty, teeny tiny cucumbers on our vines – how precious.
375.  Cherubs riding bareback – smiling from ear to ear.
376.  Helmets for horseback riding.
377.  Caramel Macchiato coffee creamer for my coffee – yummy !!
378.  Line dried sheets and blankets.
379.  Cackles of hens – and little hands full after collecting fresh eggs.

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