Monday, May 03, 2010

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

337.  Our horses – SunnySocks, Cinnamon, and Smokie - and their blossoming “friendship”.
338.  The J Family, for blessing us with the privilege of buying Smokie and Cinnamon.
339.  Lovely friend, A.B., for helping get us through the first few days of Horse Drama.
340.  That Estrella was accepted into a wonderful Horse Rescue program, to help her find peace and work through the baggage of her childhood (she was abused before we owned her), that she might someday become as happy as she is beautiful.
341.  Smiling Cherubs, hoofpicks and muckrakes in hand.
342.  This high hill our home sits upon – an protection from the storms and flooding.
343.  Mended fences, and protection from the poison ivy we had to wade in to mend them.
344.  Bluebird families in many of our birdhouses – watching several father Bluebirds as they faithfully serve their families, and hearing tiny tweets from below.
345.  Protection of the Scouts during their Spring Camporee, and the then-coming Monsoons.
346.  Maggie’s continued progress – she is becoming more social, and not so scared of anything and everything.
347.  Sweet hay and grain flecks on Cherub 2’s clothing – as she smiles from ear to ear.  There are hoofprints on her heart, for sure.
348.  Protection of C & M, who recently moved back to Nashville, and are now surrounded by rising flood waters (please join us in praying for them as the waters all around them continue to rise).
349.  Blooming roses --- how lovely !!
350.  Pancakes for breakfast, served with soft butter and warm syrup.  Yummy !
351.  Vegetable Garden in progress – most plants are in, but there’s plenty more to be done.
352.  Sitting on this high hill, at the base of the mountains, while the rains poured down flooding many parts of Tennessee.  We are sitting high and dry, or at least mostly dry.
353.  DadToCherubs’ job …. His ability to be at home while working …. And his willingness to visit the barn late at night to comfort SunnySocks who is not quite sure what “being in the barn” is all about.
354.  Protection of DadToCherubs, Cherub 2, Cherub 3, and Cherub 5 while they camped in the barn last night (in the truck) during the storms – to comfort Sunny.
355.  Incredible and beautiful lightening, although a bit close for comfort, lighting up the night sky.  It was spectacular, but a bit frightening.
356.  Cowboy Magic – and beautiful manes and tails.
357.  Bella is settling down – she’s calmer, not quite as “on guard” as before – she is finally beginning to rest after several years (since our housefire).
358.  L..S.’s Momma horse, Peppy’s Sunshine Girl, gave birth to a beautiful blue eyed Paint colt – Momma and baby are doing well.
359.  The opportunity for Cherub 1 to spend a day working (volunteering) for the Forest Service – an incredible day he had.  Thank you Lord for L.S. and for this opportunity.

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