Thursday, February 04, 2010

A New Friend

This is Maggie,
a resident at the local Humane Society (photo above).
We were told she is a 1yo Great Pyrenees
turned in by her owner who fell on hard times.
We suspect she is part Pyrenees,
and part Golden Retriever.
Look at that nose - those feet - those precious eyes.
I went to see her last Friday, after hearing
from a volunteer that she was there.
And I spent the weekend praying ....
what should we do ??
DadToCherubs went Monday
to officially adopt Maggie.
Early Tuesday morning, the Shelter took
Maggie to the vet to be fixed ...
(their policy - she couldn't come home before being spayed.)
And late Tuesday afternoon
DadToCherubs picked Maggie up
from the Humane Society's vet clinic.
He brought her home to Beck's Bounty.
Why did we adopt another dog ?
Well .. . GranMickey (my Dad)
And then our 17yo Golden Retriever, Daisy,
passed away on the same day in December.
It was an AWFUL day.
Daisy was quite a character,
and was a wonderful
friend and companion
to the humans of Beck's Bounty.
And Daisy was Bella's best friend too.
Needless to say, it was A Very Difficult Time for
Beck's Bounty humans and and animals.
So we wondered if perhaps we
would now be a one-dog family ?
And more importantly, we wondered
what was best for Bella ?
And apparently several of us were
quietly praying about the situation too - 
whether it was the right thing to
adopt again ?  Or maybe a puppy ?
You see, our 6yo Bella (Great Pyrenees) 
has been very down in spirit
since early December.
She dearly misses her old friend Daisy.
She often naps on Daisy's grave,
and visits it often,
just staring that that
patch of ground as if
waiting for Daisy to return.
We thought nothing of it at first ... 
but it continued ...
and then became daily.
It's sooo sad to watch.
So, with much prayer
and consideration,
we decided to look into
adopting another Great Pyrenees.
TA DA !!
We hope that Miss Maggie
will lift Bella's spirits,
and that they will
become great friends.
And of course befriending
the humans would be great too.
Our first evening together was kinda rough
because Maggie was feeling so poorly.
Really poorly !!
But, she and Bella seem to like
each other so far.
We all took turns petting and loving her,
a few at a time,
so as not to overwhelm her.
She loved every visit,
every pet, and every touch.
She seems to adore people !!
And those eyes --
she "admires" the humans with those eyes.
Those "golden" eyes.
After a really tough night of
nausea and vomiting,
probably a post-op issue,
she is resting this morning ....
... in between nudging me for more "pets".
I called our wonderful vet, DocM,
a short while ago.
Hopefully he will be able
recommend something
to help Maggie feel better,
so that she can get a better
start at her forever home.
She'll be off to the groomer
on Saturday for a much needed
bath and "day of beauty".
We'll be sure to post more pictures
once she is feeling better
and is a bit more settled in.
Stay tuned ....

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