Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lately ...

Celebrating Scout Sunday
with the Cub Scouts.
Snow ... again.
Considering all of the snow we've had this year,
you'd think we lived in the Northern Parts,
but we really live in SE Tennessee.
First Robins spotted.
Zoe being silly.
Cherub 5 riding Bandit ...
their first solo ride together.
Cherub 6 "working" with
fellow John Deere fan, Mr. B.
Cherub 2 riding Cheyenne,
solo for the first time.
Other than all of this, we've had more snow ...
it's actually snowing right now,
if you can believe it ?!?!
We've had several full weeks of school,
played with friends ...
and the older boys went on a hike
and camped in the snow overnight for Scouts.
(photos to come)
Never a dull moment ... 
well, never is such a strong word ...
let's just say there have certainly
not been any dull moments lately.
HA !

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