Monday, February 08, 2010

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

104.  Sun shining brightly, at last.
105.  Tortilla chips and homemade salsa.
106.  Chats with friends over coffee.
107.  Cherubs playing board games together on rainy afternoons.
108.  New knobby tires on the truck vs slick muddy roads.
109.  New England family reporting All’s Well, and Snowmageddon.
110.  Tiny buds forming on shrubs and trees.
111.  Tips of daffodil greens peeking from the cool soil.
112.  A flood of Robins in the yard … returning from warmer places.
113.  Cool refreshing water to drink …. Pure and delicious.
114.  Maggie – our newly adopted 1yo Great Pyrenees.
115.  A joyful Bella (our 6yo Great Pyr), to have a friend once again.

116.  Zoe the goat Baaaa’ing for joy in the sunshine.
117.  Scout Sunday service at a local church – what a blessing !
118.  Music of piano, guitar, and mandolin for a church service – it was beautiful !
119.  Short sleeves again … sunshine on our arms again …. It’s been a while.
120.  Plenty of hay in the barn …tiny signs of green peeking from the pasture.
121.  Warm strong arms hugging.  He is so sweet … I am so blessed.
122.  Strong seedlings pushing against the tray lids.

123.  A Godly Scoutmaster leading Cherub 1’s, Cherub 3’s, and Cherub 4’s Boy Scout Troop.
124.  A lovely Christian woman leading Cherub 6’s Cub Scout Pack.
125.  Watching the horses bask in the sunshine as they nap.

As I keep this list ... remembering the blessings .... all of them.
Again, I am reminded ... He is so good to us.

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