Monday, February 22, 2010

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

146.   Two glorious spring-like days in a row.
147.  Maggie making progress (but is still ill).
148.  Robins in the yard.
149.  Eastern Blue Birds fluttering about.
150.  Texts from Cherubs while they are away.
151.  Plenty of printer ink.
152.  Repaired dryer.
153.  A loving husband who changed many TO-DO’s into TO-DONE’s.
154.  Gentle rains instead of heavy “monsoons”.
155.  Tender moments with our Momma horse – it’s progress !!
156.  Our wonderful, caring vet who is caring for Maggie, our new dog.
157.  The blessing of dear friends wanting to pitch in.
158.  Prayers offered of friends for our family members and household.
159.  A great Merit Badge Clinic attended by Cherub 1, Cherub 3, and Cherub 4.
160.  First Aid Merit Badge – eagle required.  Accomplished.  Hooray !!
161.  Coffee House’s Caramel Macchiato coffee creamer.
162.  Clean water buckets, and sparkling well water, for the barn dwellers.
163.  Momma horse’s confidence that food is coming; no more food panic. (issues caused by previous owners)  We're making slow and steady progress.
164.  A fantastic “helpful” book, recommended by our Horse Trainer and dear friend.
165.  Marguerite Henry and Walter Farley books for a horse lover – Cherub 5.
166.  Having a white tile kitchen floor – and a Swiffer Wet Jet.
167.  A day of washing and drying – and then fresh clean beds for everyone.
168.  Stir-fry veggies served over organic long-grain brown rice.  Yummy !!
169.  Shelves of books – stores of knowledge – and a Charlotte Mason Style Education !
170.  The encouragement of dear friends during times of stress and worry.
171.  Wisdom from long ago – the writings of Miss Charlotte Mason.
172.  Bella’s willingness to be a loving friend to Maggie.  And seeing Bella's heart heal through tenderness.
173. A list of assigned school work, hand written, and promises of Cherubs.

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