Thursday, September 09, 2010

Elective: Equestrian Studies

Cherub 2's school plans for one of her electives
this year are a bit "horse-y".

She has been learning to ride for a year now,
but wants to take her "hobby" more seriously now,
as she is considering a career in the Equestrian world.

Her plans, assembled in a Charlotte Mason style,
include a combination of horse literature (fiction and non-fiction),

horse veterinary care and anatomy,
horse "care" manuals,
horse training methods and resources,
DVDs about various horse-topics
such as styles of training and riding,
perhaps some riding clinics and shows (and of course Horse 4H) ....

Some of the books we've planned are:
True Horsemanship Through Feel (Training - Leslie Desmond & Bill Dorrance)
The Seven Games of Parelli Natural Horsemanship (Training - video - Pat Parelli)
The Horse Owners Veterinary Handbook (Care and Keeping - Thomas Gore, DVM)
True Horse Story (Literature - various titles from this series by Judy Andrekson & David Parkins)
Black Beauty (Literature - Anna Sewell)
My Friend Flicka (Literature - Mary O'Hara - we'll also watch movie 1 and 2)
National Velvet (Literature - Enid Bagnold)
The Black Stallion (Literature - this title and other's in the series - Walter Farley)
Marguerite Henry's Misty of Chincoteague, King of the Wind, Justin Morgan (and other stories).
Draw 50 Horses (Art - Lee Ames)

All of these are tied together in a neat balanced package,
and are topped with weekly Horsemanship Training and
weekly Horseback Riding Lessons.

Today our trainer/teacher came ....
Ms. "R" worked with Sunny first (our yearling),
and then the whole party went off on
their first trail "adventure" next door.

It promised to be a wonderful adventure !!
 Sunny was busy checking everything out  ...
and other than a few small spooks,
she did really really well for her first
time on a trail "walk" !
Sunny loves and trusts Ms. R ....
plus she seems to gather a lot of her
"horse" confidence from Cinnamon .... 
As you can imagine then, 
having Cinnamon AND Ms. R with her on the trail
worked really well.
Her spooks were limited (and short lived) ...
and without much spookiness,
Sunny is curious and continues to be willing to "try" new things.
By the end of the trail, Sunny was "old hat" at trail walking.
She appeared to be quite pleased with herself.
HA !
Cinnamon acted as though she had ridden this trail
a gazillion times before, even though it was her first time ... 
she and Cherubs 2 had a fantastic time together, I believe.

Above:  And look at that view ... WOW !!
What a blessing it is to live here,
and to see this every single day.
Here's the adventurous party heading back toward the barn ....
And here, Cherub 2 and Cinnamon are waiting for
Sunny and Ms. R to catch up ....
we also suspect that Cinny was
checking to be sure we
didn't want her to maybe go 
into the barn first ....
maybe a snack from the Feed Room, Cinny thought ???
Ahhhhh ... back in the pasture again ...
safe and sound ...
and s-o-f-t.
All of the adventurers, human and equine alike,
were pleased ... it was a grand adventure, indeed.


Diane said...

How great to have your own horse and to be able to incorporate it in to your studies. Grace would be so envious.

See Jamie blog said...

How delightful! Living books + horses! :)

Primal said...

How wonderful! My girls love visiting my friend's farm, grooming the horses and riding..

Nancy said...

Ohhh. My 13dd will love this horse book list! Thanks for sharing your plans!