Monday, September 27, 2010

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

621.  Brownies, freshly baked, and loaded with love from Cherub 2.
622.  Fresh baked honey wheat bread.
623.  Specks of gold and red and orange in the green of the forest.
624.  Daytime highs in the 70s --- what a wonderful change !!
625.  Clean stalls, lined with fresh pine shavings.
626.  Watching Cherubs learn to work with and ride our horses.  Trail rides too.
627.  Flying Solo for our first outing with our horses.  Cherubs and horses.  Praising God !!
628.  A surprise visit from Dumma.
629.  Chocolate cupcakes.
630.  Beginning our 4th week of school together, here at home.  How time flies !!
631.  Red dogwood “berries”.
632.  Pecans and chestnuts, still in their “jackets, turning from green to brown.
633.  Bathing suits & shorts to jeans & sweaters; autumn won’t be long now.
634.  Cherubs working with Oil Pastels in their Nature Journals.
635.  Dove soap.
636.  Nature Study outings with friends.
637.  The blessing of a new healthy baby girl for dear friends (R.B.).
638.  Momma and baby are doing well (Praise God !).
639.  Chicken salad.
640.  Rain falling gently all through the night, after nearly 4w of drought.
641.  Two days/nights of scattered soft rain.
642.  Plans for a camping trip with dear friends; what fun it’ll be !
643.  Scouting Adventures – restored hope, renewed enthusiasm, bright outlooks, great plans.
644.  Golden fields mowed short, spotted with round bales.

645.  Finally finding that “magic” horse for Cherub 2,  after much searching since June (when Smokie passed away).  On Sunday when they met, it was “love at first sight” …. that very special kind of love that only exists between a little girl and the horse who “chose” her when their eyes met.  ** Thank you, JE and WE, for "that smile" ... and for offering this beautiful animal at "just" the right time.  And thank you, Lord, for this opportunity timed so perfectly, for her tender little heart's healing -- and for the blessing of being able to witness the moment their eyes met. **

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