Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flying Solo

Saturday began with horesy baths ----
lots of scrubbing, brushing, combing.
Once both horses were clean, they rested for a short while.
Then they got loaded into a trailer,
which was loaned to us
 by dear friends, just for the occasion.
We drove our horses to R.B. Equestrian Center
for a playdate --- 
it was the first time our family flew "solo" -- 
loading, hauling, and and attending an event
with our own horses.
It went GREAT !!
Smoother than we dared to even hope.

(Thanks to the G family for prepping us so well !)
Cinnamon tried on her
pretty pink sparkly halter while
she and Cherub 2 practiced
some "in hand"
skills in the arena.
SunnySocks visited an arena
for the very first time ...
she was a little spooked when
some other horses/riders
were going round and round,
but DadToCherubs and Cinnamon
helped her calm down and collect herself.
After the arena time, Sunny and DadToCherubs
hung out by the horse trailer.
Sunny watched Cinnamon and Cherub 2,
and munched some yummy hay.
She did soooo well for her first trip !!
Meanwhile, Cinnamon and Cherub 2 "tooled around"
on the Trail Course together, trying various "skills".
After a short while, Cinnamon and Cherub 2
headed down to the arena for a bit more riding ...
and Sunny watched them from the hillside.
Although it's not a good photo, you can clearly
see the JOY in Cherub 2's face ... 
a girl and her horse ...
in the arena, riding for the first time.
What fun !!
Cherub 2 on Cinnamon, and their teacher/trainer
Ms. R on Kodak, riding in the arena together.
Don't they look so pleased just to be together ?
They tooled around a bit more on the trail course
while Sunny watched -- Sunny did sooooo well,
patiently waiting and watching (and munching !).

After spending about 2 hours at R.B.,
both horses and humans alike were so pleased.
Everything was going even better than we'd hoped.
So, while all was going so well,
we packed up our beautiful horses and
headed home.

It was a fantastic day !!
Sunny did really well, especially for
her very first time
at an official "arena"
with all of the new horses,
new people, new sights, new smells
... it was a great start for her future.

And of course Cinnamon and Cherub 2
had a lovely time working together.
This was their first official "outing"
together too.
Now they are looking forward to
possibly showing together for
the first time this fall.

Thanks to Dumma for coming
along with us.
And thanks G family for
making our first solo trip such
a special day,
for helping us succeed,
and to Ms. R for being such
a patient and dedicated teacher.
We appreciate you all !!

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PlainJane said...

Hi Tammy, Thanks for dropping by my place and for your kind words.

Oh, how special...your horses and daughter look like they had the time of their lives. Your horses are beautiful.

We don't have a trailer either, so are pretty much homebound with our horses - but would like one someday. We are just working to get my 3-yr-old QH up to speed with the rest so we can ride together. Our instructor came out Wednesday and worked mostly with my Sundance -- there's never a bad day when it's astride your horse. :)