Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bald River Falls

We recently visited Bald River Falls, which is also in the Cherokee National Forest. The falls are gorgeous - and we learned that the Cherokee Indians believed that the pool below the falls had healing properties. It was so neat just to sit and imagine Indian families playing in the cool waters long ago, and to think of what early area explorers thought when they "discovered" these Falls.

The children and DadToCherbs played in the water, and took turns trying to swim INTO the falls. DadToCherubs got pretty close, but did not quite make it INTO the Falls themselves.

We hiked up the trail to the top of the falls, and followed the river a bit before it becomes the falls. Everyone walked downstream until they were just in front of the place where the decent into the falls begins (photo of some of the children above "on the wall"). The concrete wall apparently was put in pace to replace some rocks that traveled over time down the falls to the pool below. Next we found a smaller falls that "feed" the big falls, just beyond the concrete wall - those little falls were very pretty and the pool below them was extremely deep (too deep to explore as we could see the downward pull of the water - YIKES !).

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