Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Very Difficult Day

Our 6yo cat, Smudge, became ill on Wednesday evening, and by last evening she was getting worse. We called our vet yesterday afternoon, and he came out to see her early this morning.

Dr. M performed an emergency surgery in hopes of saving her - DadToCherubs and Cherub 1 helped, as did I. Things were thought to be going well after the surgery was completed and she was beginning to awake from the anesthesia. Dr. M left to see another patient and we were holding Smudge as she was "waking up". And then suddenly Smudge stopped breathing. DadToCherubs and I tried CPR (the breathing part only) for her which helped for maybe 5 minutes until Dr. M could return (he left less than 10 minutes before things started going really badly, so when we called he came right back). After some additional efforts on his part, Smudge gave up and was gone.

We had a small funeral, and shed more than a few tears. She was such a very sweet cat, loved by eveyone (humans, cats, and dogs alike) ... and will be dearly missed.

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