Saturday, July 07, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We arrived home early from vacation - pulling into the driveway at 11:30pm on Friday evening. We had originally planned to stay until late Sunday evening.

Since we were home a few days early, we decided to make Day #1 (Saturday) PRODUCTIVE !! First we called Grandpa to let him know we were at home again - he was our petsitter and garden-waterer while we were on vacation. Grandpa came out to visit later in the morning "because I missed you guys" he said. How sweet - the children were all really excited to see him. Then DadToCherubs picked up our riding mower from the repair shop AGAIN. So I spent almost the entire day trimming and mowing the yard. Having had not-a-single-drop of rain since we left, we were amazed how fast the grass (and weeds) grew while we were gone. The vegetable garden grew a whole lot as well this past week. We also managed to get all of the laundry washed, dried, and put away - we are completely unpacked. Nothing left to do other than a good "clean out" for the car (vacumn floors, clean windows, etc). And a BIG grocery trip - but we will save that for early next week.

On our afternoon visit to the garden, we found (and harvested) 6 HUGE zucchini, 8 HUGE yellow squash, 2 green peppers, and 5 good-sized cucumbers. And .... we found a few "cow pies" and more than a few HOOF PRINTS. We are guessing the cows got loose while we were on vacation and visited our garden. HA !! Other than the HUGE hooooooffffff prints, the only damage was about 8 stalks of corn were crushed, and a few of my pumpkin vines looked as if they had been "nibbled" (large nibbles). Not too bad for strolling cows, and such is life on a dairy farm I suppose.

To say "thank you" to Grandpa for petsitting and watering the garden, we invited him to dinner this evening. The Cherubs were soooo excited to see him - big hugs all around again. I think he was almost as excited to see the Cherubs as they were to see him - how cute !! For dinner tonight we had steaks (grilled thanks to DadToCherubs), salad which included our fresh cucs and peppers, baked potatoes with "the works", and a whole platter of fried squash and zucchini slices. YUMMY !!

So - now the house is straight and in order, and the yardwork has been finished - I am exhausted and am heading to bed to read for a while.

It's good to be home.

Tomorrow I think we are going to take a day-trip together before our vacation is over for this year. DadToCherubs heads back to work Monday afternoon.

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Sissy Kaf said...

I remember when I was nine or ten and I walked out the back door and there was a HUGE Jersey milk cow on the carport! Not that unusual for them to snack on your veggies!