Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Second Swim Meet

Cherub 5 "ready" and awaiting the START for her FreeStyle race.

Cherub 4 doing the Butterfly - he placed 3rd !

Cherub 2 starting her BackStroke race.

Cherub 1 doing the Breast Stroke.

Cherub 3 waiting to do the Boys FreeStyle Relay.

Five of our children (Cherub 6 is too young to be on the team) participated in their 2nd Swim Meet on Tuesday evening. Everyone has worked hard and has improved greatly since the last meet. All of the children had a grand time.
Just after the Meet began we had a GREAT surprise. Grandpa Beck came to watch the Meet and to cheer for the children. (we were not expecting him as he did not tell us he was coming.) They were very excited and most flattered that he came to watch. And of course Cherub 6 was excited because he got to sit in Grandpa's lap for the whole Meet - they are "buddies".

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