Thursday, July 12, 2007

Our Latest Rescue Attempt

Photo: Our found Baby Barn Swallow; cell phone to show size.

Since moving into this house we have had birds living in the chimmney - Chimmney Swifts to be more specific. We can hear them chirping mostly in the evenings - they are QUITE loud. And we had decided to wait before calling someone to remove them - atleast until their babies had hatched and fledged. We are hoping to call SOON to get them mvoed, and then to cap the chimmney to prevent them from returning as there are plenty of other place around where they can nest safely.

Well, our plan worked well until Tuesday evening when we heard a THUMP and a CHEEEEEPPPPP in the chimmney, and saw at the bottom a flipping-flopping little fledgling Chimmney Swift .... since named Smokey.

First we tried leaving him there in hopes his parents would rescue him, but that did not happen. We had a bonafide rescue in progress. We placed him in a small crate with warm towels, covered it with screen, and put it in a draft free warm corner. Next we have been feeding him a tiny bit of "formula" at a time and so far he seems to be doing well.

And tomorrow we are going to take him outside and we are going to HOPE that he flies away to live a happy Birdie's life.
This has been quite a Science lesson - the care and feeding of a small bird, learning about Chimmney Swifts (which are quite interesting birds !) The children have been most attentive as they are fascinated with this little one. Please pray for the "launch" tomorrow.
July 16 UPDATE: The Launch did NOT go off as planned - only flapping and many "attempts" to fly, but no actual flying. So, another idea came about ... and Smokey was put back into the fireplace (sans fire, of course). His parents have been coming to feed him, however he still is not able to fly "up" the chimmney. We are really hoping he gets himself moving UP and OUT soon so that we can have the chimmney cleared of nests and capped to prevent future "invasions".

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