Friday, July 20, 2007

Curriculum Fair

Today begins the big Curriculum Fair / Homeschool Fair. And I am armed with a list of what I need to purchase for this next school year, plus a few things from a Wish List too. Most years I do fairly well not to fall into the trap of "new and exciting" materials from the homeschool fair that are purchased and then barely used - let's hope I can withstand this year as well. I think many people have a tendency to impulse-shop at these things, which can get pretty pricey and rather frustrating. My helpful hint to new homeschools regarding the Curriculum Fairs - GO WITH A GOOD LIST AND A GOOD PEN TO CROSS OFF WHAT YOU FIND (that is ON your list).

Since we use a Literature based curriculum ( ) for the most part, I am looking for more than a few actual "whole" books rather than textbooks. I think at last count our shopping list is around 50 books. Since we are still working on our home library (after the fire) we need more than "on an average year". I was amazed, however, when I was compiling my general lessons plans and my to-buy list just how many wonderful living books are already here in my home .... thanks to a wonderful friend who expended a tremendous amount of energy and time focused on our needs this past spring after our housefire. WOW - it is just amazing when I really step back and "take stock" of what is here. And we are so thankful - all of us !! We would be in such a mess without having had so much help and guidance during those first several weeks. We have so many great books that came from other homeschoolers, near and far, given to us (and in some cases they were lent to us) out of understanding of our difficult situation and out of genuine love and concern - thank you fellow homeschoolers and Ambleside Ladies ! It just brings tears to my eyes .... and I thank God every day for all of the wonderful people He has brought into our lives, both those we know personally and those we have never met. He has blessed us beyond measure, and we will praise His name to the mountaintops.

Back to the Fair .... I am heading out shortly armed with my list and a SHARPIE .... and hope to be back just after lunchtime with lots of books .... hopefully ALL of the books on my list so that I do not have to order them online. Either way, I will have books either here OR on their way (we will order whatever is left to buy this evening) ... and then I can finally complete my weekly lesson plans for each of our children (more on this later) .... then just sit and wait for school to begin.

The children are staying home today with a sweet young lady whom they all love dearly, and DadToCherubs will be sound asleep (he works nights) .... and so I will be going alone to brave the crowds and to hold up against that little (strong !) voice inside me that says BUY MOREEEEE BOOKS .... WHAT A NICE BOOK - BUY IT .... OHHH MORE NICE BOOKS TO BUY .... so I will have to arm myself with restraint and try to stick to my list.

Thank you Shadybrook Acres .... MamaLion, as I look at the library that is here before me at home, and to many things in our home that "arrived" during those tough weeks, and as I look back at all you and your family did for us during those weeks .... I can barely keep from getting tears in my eyes .... we are so blessed to have you in our lives !! And then I need to say thank you for helping me finalize my shopping list for today (from one book-junkie to another) .... and thank you C&ace for coming to hold down the fort which I am out today ....

I think the expression is usually "wish me luck" ... but instead, maybe you can pray for me today (and maybe for those who happen to stand between me and something I need on my list - HA !).

JULY 28th UPDATE: We ordered the rest of our books from Amazon on the evening after the curriculum fair, and now the things we ordered are arriving daily. YEAH !! We just love getting books in the mail ! We have also purchased all of the supplies we need for this year. Sooooo ... we are nearly ready to begin our school year ... just as soon as MomToCherubs finishes the lesson plans. We have a very exciting year planned with lots of neat materials. And we are SO looking forward to getting back to "normal life".

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MamaLion said...

You are more than welcome. It truly was my pleasure. I'm sure all the other book lovers out there feel the same. I'm sure even those who gave when it hurt did so remembering God loves a cheerful giver - and who could NOT be cheerful when you are giving books!

I was also blown away by the generous homeschooling moms and others who donated books and amazon gift certificates. Just goes to show that we understand what is important! :)