Monday, March 31, 2008

The Eastern Bluebird

One of our family's favorite birds is the Eastern Bluebird. We enjoy watching them in the spring and summer, building their nests and raising their babies. This past weekend the older 3 Cherubs attended a Bluebird Program.

Below: A diagram showing how to sketch a cute little bluebird.

Below: A bluebird to color.

Below: This bluebird could be colored, but is actually a pattern for a stained glass piece -- there are kits sold at Hobby stores to do "stained glass" with glass, plastic, or paints.

Below: A pattern with plans for an OFFICIAL bluebird house.
There are quite a few various activities about Bluebirds here:

Below: An adorable photo of a bluebird perched on some forsythia.

Below: Another bluebird.

The Program: This past weekend, Dumma (grandmother of the Cherubs) came up from Atlanta and attended The Bluebird Program at our local library with Cherub 1, Cherub 2, and Cherub 3.
The TWRA (Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency) representatives gave a nice presentation that told all about the Eastern Bluebird. It's habitat, food, nest building, and much much more.

Five little bluebirds, hopping by my door

One went to build a nest, and then there were four.

Four little bluebirds singing lustily One got out of tune,

and then there were three.

Three little bluebirds, and what should one do,

But go in search of dinner, leaving only two.

Two little bluebirds singing just for fun,

One flew away, and then there was one.

One little bluebird sitting in the sun.

He took a little nap, and then there was none.

- Children's Nursery Rhyme

Above: After the presentation, everyone present was able to build their own Bluebird house. Here are Cherub 1, Cherub 2, and Cherub 3 working on their bluebird houses.

Above: And here are Cherub 1, Cherub 2, and Cherub 3 with their completed Bluebird houses.

The Cherubs had a GRAND time with Dumma on Saturday.

Our family has long been Bluebird fans, as I said previously -- several Bluebird families used to nest in boxes in front of our old house, and now we have a new family of bluebirds nesting at our new house. They are so funny to watch !!

Here are some links for more information about the Eastern Bluebird: (you can also HEAR Blue Bird’s song on this site, near the bottom) (you can also HEAR the Blue Bird’s song on this site too !)

The Bluebird (By: Emily Huntington Miller)

I know the song that the bluebird is singing,

Out in the apple-tree where he is swinging;

Brave little fellow, the skies may look dreary;

Nothing cares he while his heart is so cheery.

Hark! how the music leaps out from his throat,

Hark! was there ever so merry a note?

Listen awhile and you’ll hear what he’s saying,

Up in the apple-tree swinging and swaying.

“Dear little blossoms down under the snow,

You must be weary of winter, I know;

Hark, while I sing you a message of cheer;

Summer is coming and spring-time is here!

“Little white snowdrop! I pray you arise;

Bright yellow crocus! come, open your eyes;

Sweet little violets, hid from the cold,

Put on your mantles of purple and gold;

Daffodils! daffodils! say, do you hear?—

Summer is coming and spring-time is here!”

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Melissa said...

I found your blog because I use AO. Thanks for the information about the Bluebirds. We just moved to East TN last year and our yard is full of Bluebirds but we haven't figured out how to view them up close.
Your blog is very informative. I have enjoyed reading it and will check back soon.