Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Signs Of Spring

One of the unique features of a Charlotte Mason style education is the keeping of a Nature Journal. And one of the unique features of being a child now is the availability of a wide variety of technology that is available in most households.

So, to combine the two this afternoon, I sent the children outside with the digital camera. They were instructed to FIND SOME SIGNS OF SPRING. Afterwards we downloaded their photos on the laptop, and then worked to identify each one (almost). We are planning to print the photos and put them into our Nature Journals with their correct labels.

Here are some of the many photographs they took on their FIND SPRING NATURE WALK.

The Redbuds have buds galore ...
I am not sure what this little weed is called, but it has a lot of teeny-tiny purple flowers right now ....
The Butterfly bushes have baby leaves that are growing more each day ....
The Lilac -- the buds are beginning to open, slowly but surely. It won't be long now ...... (This is MY personal favorite plant - I can hardly wait for it to bloom !!)
Our Rose bushes have lots of shiney reddish green new growth.

Pansies (which survived the snow last Saturday)
A few Periwinkle blooms are beginning to open.

We have a lot of this plant growing "wild" in one particular flower bed. I am not sure what it is called, and have yet to find it in a book. It has spread throughout the entire flowerbed, seems to enjoy full sun and dry soil, and it blooms spring to fall. (We would love to know what this is, if someone else knows ... please just post it to the comments.)
A daffodil that should be opening soon.
A tulip beginning to open.


School for Us said...

I love this idea! Think I'll have to plan a walk like this for my daughter this weekend or next week. But, it'll be hard giving up the camera - I love to take photos! :-) But, it'll be interesting to see what she sees.

Makita said...

Don't ya just love digital?! We haven't incorporated photos into our NJs yet, but what a great idea! :)