Tuesday, March 18, 2008

From Claiborne Thornton of THEA: Update On TN Bill 2795


*House Ed. Comm. Vice-Chair, Tommie Brown(615) 741-4374


*House Ed. Comm. Secretary, Joe Towns, Jr.(615) 741-2189


*Jim Coley(615) 741-8201


*Ron Lollar(615) 741-7084


*John Mark Windle--Chair of the Subcommittee(615) 741-1260


Best regards,
Claiborne Thornton

DIRECTIONS to Legislative Plaza:

Legislative Plaza (see the map link below) is the under-ground office complex consisting of many of our lawmaker's offices and the Committee rooms used to make law in TN. These offices/rooms are under the fountain-covered plaza across Charlotte Ave. from the Capitol Building. The plaza shares the block with the War Memorial Building.

Here's a link to a map of Capitol Hill :
http://www.legislature.state.tn.us/info/CapitolArea.jpg, click on the map to enlarge it. For our purposes this map is upside down.If you park in the Sheraton Garage (which is located on the corner of 7th & Union), you can self-park and save some money or use valet parking. You can also park in the corner lot at 7th and Church to save even more money. Whichever you do, you can then walk through the lobby of the Sheraton and exit onto Union, turn to your right and walk to the corner of 6th & Union. Cross Union at the corner of 6th Ave. & Union. Walking along 6th Ave. beside the Legislative Plaza, you will quickly find the entrance "tunnel" to Legislative Plaza on your LEFT. Since 9/11, the only entrance to the Legislative Plaza is this secure entrance on 6th Ave. To reach the LP entrance, which is just past the corner of 6th and Union, go under the granite "tunnel" to the glass doors into the entrance with the magnetron. After you've passed through the magnetron, turn to your RIGHT and go down the hallway to LP 29. The full House Education Committee meets at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesdays in LP 16 and often goes over, cutting into the 11:45 a.m. beginning of the Special Initiatives sub-committee meeting. Often when the House Education committee runs over, the sub-committee is moved to a different room, to room LP 29. Right now the Legislative web site lists the meeting room for this sub-committee as LP 29.

INFO on Additional & less expensive Parking:
A very convenient parking facility is the Main Library Garage located at 151 6th Ave. N., charging $6/day for parking. http://www.parkitdowntown.com/maps/ on the map this garage is located behind the Main Public Library. The drive in entrances to the garage are on Sixth and Seventh Avenues between Church and Commerce Streets. They charge $6/day which is a good price in the downtown area. If you park there you are less than two blocks from the Legislative Plaza. You can walk through the Main Library to reach Church Street, and then walk up Capitol Blvd. to Union, go to your right to the corner of Union & 6th, through the granite tunnel to the glass doors into the Legislative Plaza. (see more directions below) The second covered garage is the McKendree Center, 140 6th Avenue N., charging $8/day, $4/hour, $2 each 1/2 hr. $8 - 1&1/2 hr to close. $8 daily max., also 2 blocks from the Legislative Plaza. On the parking map it is the purple block located next to and just south of the Main Library and next to the larger purple block which is the Main Library Parking Garage mentioned above. McKendree takes only cash or check payment, no credit or debit cards. There is another garage at 145 7th Avenue N., charging $5/day. It takes only credit card payment. You can find these and many more on the map at: http://www.parkitdowntown.com/maps. On this map the blue spots are surface lots and the purple spots are covered garages. For more info on downtown parking locations, see: http://www.parkitdowntown.com/parking.

We hope to see you there! And if you can not come, pray that this bill dies, that it will be voted on and that it will fail. Pray that the sponsor will not be able to keep it alive.
Thank you! >>

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