Friday, March 28, 2008

It Won't Be Long Now !!

The Farm Manager was kind enough to come and break up our garden at the beginning of this week. The children enjoyed watching the tractor.
And then, per our request, he enlarged it to nearly double last years' size.

Just yesterday, he came back with a different kind of tiller. With this one, he plowed the garden several more times to break up the bigger chunks of dirt. The garden is now all "broken" and tilled, so we will be heading out this afternoon to clear the "sod" pieces and rocks away.

Early next week we will use our little Mantis tiller to till the soil to a fine soft texture, raking and evening it as we go along.

And after that is finished, it will be time to plant. So ---- it' won't be long now !! (We are anxiously awaiting the Blackberry Winter - that is the official end of winter, and we will begin to plant after it is finished.)

We had a vegetable garden last year, and decided to enlarge it significantly this year -- with the economy the way it is, and inflation continuing to climb, it seemed only logical -- and gardening is enjoyable too with the fresh air and being up to your elbows in dirt and all-things-green. We do not use chemicals on our garden, so it is a very healthy and safe place to "play" (or work ??) ... and snack too.

I found this vintage World War 2 sign that was used to promote the Victory Garden years ago -- perhaps everyone should consider planting a garden this year whether big or small -- it is good for the body, good for the spirit, good for the land, and good for the tummy too.

This is all very exciting !! We have started getting seeds already and have begun to plan where we will grow which crops. This is also making a really nice addition to our study of Botany this year, so it is partially a school-project too.

More to come .....

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