Friday, April 11, 2008

The Concert

Tonight I took Cherub 1, Cherub 2, and Cherub 3 to the Mark Schultz: Broken & Beautiful concert in town -- it was a surprise for the "big kids". (and they were QUITE surprised !) Mark Schultz is a Contemporary Christian Artist that our whole family has liked for quite a few years now.

This artist has a unique Concert Style - he tells many pieces of his life story (and often the stories of other's he has known too) throughout his concert. He has a wonderful sense of humor, and his love for and devotion to God SHINE through his bright smile.

"So you like that song ? Well, I didn't write it. I just happened to be in the room when God decided that it needed to be written." (said tonight by Mark Schultz about the song "He's My Son", which was written for a young man in his Youth Ministry group who was fighting cancer, and his family.)

His concerts are truly a pleasure for families and persons of all ages to attend -- there were mothers, fathers, teens, children, babies, and even some grandparents too -- all worshipping, smiling, and singing along.

He sang several songs that we remember from previous albums, more than a few from his current album, and two songs that are "under consideration and construction" for his next album. He also sang IT IS WELL, IT IS WELL, WITH MY SOUL with the whole audience -- it was absolutely lovely !!

The 3 "big" Cherubs and I had a wonderful time together, and completely enjoyed the Mark Schultz's Broken & Beautiful concert tonight.

After the concert, each of the 3 Cherubs got his autograph - and he was kind enough to pose for this photograph with them.

(DadToCherubs and I took Cherub 1 to see Mark Shultz perform in Chattanooga when Cherub 1 was in 1st grade --- and considering that he is now 14yo --- well, let's just say that a few years have gone by since then. Hummmm.)

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