Monday, April 07, 2008

Grilled To Perfection

DadToCherubs was preparing to grill hamburgers last night for dinner -- and Cherub 6 loves to grill beside him. So, both grills were pulled out ... (note the expectant look on Daisy's face ?) ...

Burgers were being prepared for cooking on DadToCherub's grill ... Snaps dog treats on Cherub 6's grill ... all seasoned to perfection ... Cherub 6 made "grill" noises and seasoned the treats with his "special blend" ... all the while, he kept telling Daisy to "be patient for just a few more minutes" ... just a few more minutes ....

And at last (long before our burgers were done because DadToCherubs had not started the big grill until after the GAME was over -- to be safe) Daisy's treats were grilled to perfection and were ready to serve ... a la SPATULA. Cherub 6 fed them to her one by one as they were "well done" .... and she thought every single treat was MOST delicious !!

Daisy LOVES this game and waits patiently every time .... she loves to play along with Cherub 6, seemlingly knowing it always comes to a yummy end.

The hamburgers were wonderful too ... a nice WELCOME SPRINGTIME dinner.

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