Sunday, April 27, 2008

Recent Blooms and Blossoms ....

One of the two Rose bushes we planted last year is beginning to bloom, and is covered in buds.

A close up of our FIRST ROSE of the season ---- the scent is WONDERFUL !!

Little lavendar flowers --

We are not sure what they are yet, even though we found them on our last Nature Walk over to the lake.

We found these teeny-tiny violet or pansy type flowers (very pale pastel yellow and cream colored) growing along the path to the lake on our last Nature Walk.

We have not had a chance to look them up yet.

On the path to the lake, we pass this field of these Bachelor's Buttons !!

A Poppy -- and we are not sure from where it came.
Isn't it lovely ??

Our lilac has only this one bloom left .... until next year.

One of our Lavendar plants from last year is blooming and smells lovely.

Our plants for the planters this year are red and lavendar Verbena combined

with yellow Lantana.

A flower bed the girls planted at the base of 2 huge Holly trees.

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