Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Where Did The Time Go ??

I cannot believe today is April 1st !! Can you ?? It was just Christmas ... or maybe it was just NewYears .... but I know it just simply cannot be April 1st yet. Yikes !!
We are busy here -- clearing the garden spot (50 x 40 this year) of debris, getting ready to plant many many veggies (and fruits too), beginning the springtime mowing chores -- and we are still heavilty focused on schoolwork. We will begin Term 3 of our school year on April 28 -- so we are in the home stretch now.
Spring fever is here indeed --- we are all spending a lot of time staring lovingly outside at the green spaces -- and as soon as we finish school for the day, the only sound heard is the closing of the screen door behind us. HA !!
The RedBuds are nearly in bloom -- the Lilacs too. The Forsythia looks beautiful, covered in yellow blooms. We have found several plants that was recently been awakened -- our Purple Coneflowers are nearly 1 1/2" tall already, as are some of the BlackEyed Susans. The Butterfly bushes have many new bright green leaves, and the Roses are covered in shiney new reddish-green leaves.
(Below: I found yet another vintage WW2 Victory Garden advertisement - I just love these.)
Well, although I am shocked that today is "already" April 1st, --- I cannot say that anyone here is the least bit disappointed.

We are welcoming Spring with open arms ... and big big smiles.

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