Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival

Welcome to the first edition of the
Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival for 2010.

Amber of MommyEarth writes Book Review: Little Lord Fauntleroy“Its main message could perhaps be summed up the idea that people tend to live up to our expectations of them.”

Michelle of Holistic Homeschooler writes On Art And Natural Gifts“the ability to draw what we see seems a reasonable expectation if we start developing that part of the brain at a young age”

Christy of The Secret Lies With Charlotte writes Keys where she shares her favorite homeschooling resource, a book called the Easy Homeschooling Companion by Lorraine Curry.  Of this book she says:  “Faith is such a big part of success. Translate that faith into uplighting and positive words. Optimism results from living each day in faith-in assurance that all will turn out well, that each child will fulfill his potential. Determination is never allowing for failure. It ties all the other keys together. It is the character quality that says, "I will never give up."”

Naomi of Living Charlotte Mason In California writes Descent Of The Holy Spirit : According to CM, the teacher is a facilitator of great ideas - not the source. Her point is simple - why dilute great works of art, literature, etc. with everything you know? Why lecture and explain and beat the idea to a living pulp? Present the idea "true, direct, and humble". And with the aid of the Holy Spirit, the infinite Teacher, learning will occur. Individually, intimately.”

Jeanne of A Peaceful Day writes Bad Books : “So often you hear parents and educators saying that is doesn't matter what kids are reading as long as they are reading. Of course it matters! It is like saying that it doesn't matter what they're eating as long as they're eating! A child filling up on chips and dips and artificially coloured Twisties will not have a healthy body. A child filling up on a diet of dumbed down twaddle will not have a healthy mind.”

Michelle of Holistic Homeschooler writes Life Happens ... And So Does Education : “Today was definitely a "non school" day. I didn't plan it that way, but then isn't that the way those days occur? Unplanned?”

Michelle of Holistic Homeschooler writes Composer Study & Music Appreciation:  Mozart : “For those unfamiliar, Music Appreciation is conducted in the same way as picture study. The child listens to 5 minutes of a piece and then narrates what he heard, felt, thought of while listening. This is done 3x per week.    In addition to Music Study, we will be using the following resources ….”

Melissa of In The Sparrow’s Nest writes January Nature Notables : “The new year is an excellent time to make a resolution to get outside with your children and enjoy nature more! Despite the cooler temperatures, January is plenty full of nature study opportunities.”

Angie of The One Thing: Psalm 27:4 writes Handicrafts/Life Skills Spotlight And Challenge where she presents a two week Photography Challenge.

Barb of Harmony Art Mom shares Term Exam:  Grade 11 (Charlotte Mason Style) : “These are not the sort of term exams that put fear into the hearts of my children, but rather the kind of exams that they actually look forward to.”

Angie (of The One Thing: Psalm 27:4) is a co-writer for Habits For A Happy Home .  In this article, she writes about The Habit Of Quality Time Together “You know you can be in the same room with someone and really not be spending time with them. As parents we need to make sure that we aren’t constantly just in the same room with our children.”

Shirley Ann of Bugs, Beetles, and Barefoot Days writes Education Is A Discipline – Charlotte Mason : “Charlotte Mason claimed that one third of education is the discipline of habit! That is quite a sizeable chunk! The habit of committing to a weekly schedule of learning seems to me like a good place to start. If my children are to learn diligence and excellence in their standard of work, they need to form good habits now while they are in the safe learning environment of home.”

Erin of Delighting In His Richness writes about making a Pilgrim’s Progress Lapbook : “Pilgrim's Progress has entered into a few conversations recently in our home, and I had an inspiration to use this for our Bible time for a while. We will read the book, some of the corresponding Scriptures, memorize a verse a week, and put together a lapbook as we go.”

** UNRELATED TO CHARLOTTE MASON:  There were many spam posts submitted for the Blog Carnival which were deleted.  However, 100 Best Reference Tools For Homeschoolers actually contains some useful information.

There are some interesting reference resources listed that I had not seen before, and so I wanted to share it with others who may be in need of reference resources too.


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