Monday, January 25, 2010

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

56.  Windy rainy days.
57.  Beef barley soup for chilly days.
58.  Wooly socks.
59.  Knees peeking through worn denim; adventures and good times had.
60.  Rainproof jackets on cold rainy mornings.

61.  Protection of our humble home during high winds.
62.  Sharp pruning sheers and heavy work gloves.
63.  Buds forming on forsythia bushes – it won’t be long ‘til spring.
64.  New sprouts emerging (seeds started indoors for the garden).
65.  Our organizer program – and being “on schedule” with school this year.
66.  Our family doctor, and his dedication and care for DadToCherubs’ health.
67.  Love (loving) makes us real (Velveteen Rabbit).
68.  Hot chocolate and Rummikub.
69.  Drizzly, rainy days.

70.  Balls of yarn, and busy hooks.
71.  Stashes of fabrics, sewing machine buzz-ing.
72.  Muddy footprints.
73.  Sloppy wet ground, but no flood damage.
74.  Water table filling with all the rain; plenty of water in our well.
75.  Warm toast, melted butter, homemade jam.
76.  Orchard grass hay and it’s wonderful scent.
77.  Rain dripping down the window glass.
78.  Warm and dry, inside.
79.  A beautiful sunny morning.
80.  A calm breeze, instead of High Winds.

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