Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday To Our Little Dolly !

(Photo above:  2006)

Cherub 2, our "big girl", is 14yo today ....
A lovely lady, who loves God and her family ...
and who is making us fatter with all of her baking (ha !).
We love her dearly --- our Little Dolly.

All smiles (above) in 2008 -- while getting stitches in her knee.
You see, she's a dare devil on a bicycle.
And overall, see the doctor and the ER more than
anyone else in our family.
And (below) she's a little c-r-a-z-y sometimes
when armed with a camera.
HA !

Cherub 2 (standing) and Cherub 5 (in playpen) in 2000.

Cherub 1 and Cherub 2
on their first day of school at FCA,
pictured here with Father David.
Look at those dimples (she still has them !).
We began homeschooling 3 years later.

Photo taken at National Guard Armory
Christmas Party
in December 2000.
(In walker is Cherub 5, 
Cherub 4 is on her left with curls,
Cherub 3 is directly behind Cherub 5, 
Cherub 2 is behind Cherub 3
and was not pleased as she hated crowds, 
and Cherub 1 is smiling next to her -- 
he had just given her his candy cane 
that she might not be scared anymore.  
And DadToCherubs is in the back.)

Christmas Photo taken December 2008.
Cherub 2 is weather the black hat, on right.
A little lady.

January 2009 - Turning 13yo.

May 2009
Cherub 2 in the pink shirt; the chief garden helper.
She loves to garden ... and dig ... and plant ...
and this year will have her own
vegetable garden in addition
to her very own flower garden.
She's starting the seeds for all of her plants this afternoon.
Quite an accomplished gardener, indeed !

Christmas 2009 -- hugging her new video camera.
A gift from DadToCherubs.
She loves taking pictures and filming ...
well, almost as much as she loves baking.

Cherub 2 (orange shirt) with R.G. during her
first Horseback Riding Lesson in early January 2010.
Cherub 2 LOVES horses,
even more than she loves baking, I suspect.  HA !


Taylor said...

Happy Birthday!!! :D <3

Kimi said...

How old? Yippee! Enjoy and Happy Birthday.